Engineering a better building throughout the country, serving wide range of clients across various industries


PT Linds Consulting Engineers is a Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineers established in 1998. Our range of design solution include Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, and Transportation for all application of building construction. We have a diverse experience and expertise by undertaking a wide range of projects for many clients over the years. Our company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have completed various projects of all sizes and complexities all across Indonesia.



Our company applies the highest standard of safe, build able and economical engineering. We encourage creativity and innovation at all levels to produce a personalized services while maintaining the basic concept of simplicity and effectiveness. Our small team of expertise ensures that we can produce a cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


Application of Details

Attention to detail remains to be a constant philosophy in our company. Prudent and continuous observations of each and every detail, both in the designs as well as in all physical results, are maintained.


Client Satisfaction

We recognize that client satisfaction is the key to our success. Our promise is to provide them with quality services that is realistic, functional, innovative and can be accomodated within cost and time limitation